Gift Certificates to Support Restaurant Cashflow!

We know times are tough with COVID-19 impacting sales, let your customers help by paying today so you can stay open tomorrow.

We have partnered with Kabbage to help your restaurant keep sales flowing with gift certificates!

Customers buy online & you get access to funds as soon as next day.


Sell Gift Certificates Online Today, Get Cash the Next Day  

How it works: 

We are partnering with a Kabbage initiative to help keep the cash flowing in your restaurants. We are not profiting from this, we are just here to help in these trying times. To see the full details check out:

1. Create a free account through Kabbage Payments

Enter your business information and connect the account where you’d like revenue deposited.

2. Offer online gift certificates

You’ll get a unique URL you can share with customers, or they can find you by location and industry to buy gift certificates of any amount from $15 to $500. If you have hosted groups on GroupRaise, we'll let them know they can support you! Please send your URL to ASAP.

3. Access earnings now

Your revenue will be deposited as early as the business day after customers buy gift certificates online.